EverBeautyBra Maternity-Nursing-Pumping-All Day

SGD 39.90

An innovative bra specifically designed for working mothers and mothers on the go. Made from 95% cotton 5% spandex, it is extremely comfortable with excellent stretch and support. Women love it as an all-day bra even when they are not nursing. Unlike others in the market, EverBeauty allows full access nursing by using the drop down flap. This form fitting day design easily converts to hands free pumping. There are dual straps on each side that are elastic. By using a simple criss-cross method, it makes a firm hold on pump shields into the proper place. Its full access cup makes massage and compression during pumping so easy. At the end of session, you may wish to hand express to collect residue milk. Doing this hands-on pumping technique yields more milk in less time for most mothers! The hands free function also allows you to catch up on your much-needed sleep or rest while pumping, or multi-task such as eating, working, folding laundry, latching baby on the other side, etc. This complements Haakaa silicone pump perfectly too, holding snugly even when it loses suction! Easy sizing chart: Medium for 34 B/C/D Large for 36 B/C/D X Large for 38 B/C/D/DD XX Large for 40 C/D/DD Fits ALL brands of pump shields Smooth padded front with removable inserts Extender for changing band sizes Adjustable hooks and eyes for fitting preferences Cool machine washable Watch video in Pumping Tips page to see how easy it is to use it for pumping.

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