Simplicity Hands Free Pumping Bra Kit

SGD 29.90

What is so special about Simplicity™? This innovative hands-free pumping bra kit allows you full access to empty your breasts well using the Hands-on Pumping technique. This has been shown in clinical studies at Stanford University to boost milk supply of new preemie mothers by as much as 40%. How does hands-on pumping work? Easy-to-use Simplicity™ hands-free bra kit hold flanges securely so that your hands are free to massage and apply compression on both breasts to empty them more fully. At the end of pumping session, you may also wish to hand express to collect residue milk. All these in turn signal your body to make more milk. Other features 1) Works with all breastpumps and nursing bras 2) Saves time - Multi-task while pumping 3) Rejuvenates - Catch your much-needed naps or rest 4) Lightweight and compact - Portable to bring around 5) One-size-fits-all - Sustain a perfect fit over time as your body changes 6) Comfortable - Puts no pressure on the breasts 7) Stays in place - Will not lose suction during pumping Comes in 13 beautiful colours Note: Pink has evolved to pastel, so irresistibly sweet!! Oh yes, this complements Haakaa silicone pump perfectly too, holding snugly even when it loses suction! Visit Pumping Tips page for instructional video and users' review.

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