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Pumping Tip #1 Adopt relaxed posture with good "pump latch"

Aim to express most milk in the shortest time by conquering these common challenges


Negative moods can affect milk supply

Like nursing, breast pumping is believed to be pretty much physiological. Fearing the pain and discomfort even before each pump session may hinder your effort and yield.


"Dread having to hunch forward"

It is important to be comfortable, and without strain, especially on the back. However standard flange users are often forced to hunch forward to prevent milk back flow.


"Ouch, it hurts!"

Pain during pumping can be due to the design of standard flanges like a poor baby latch which tugs on nipples instead of compresses on the areolae.

Pumpin' Pal Super Shields The solutions for thousands of moms to date

These special-angled flanges allow you to lean back in a relaxed, natural position while pumping. Its design mimics a good latch, hence promoting better flow and reducing irritation to nipple area. Fit most breastpumps. Available in 5 sizes. Raved by users as godsend! Every pumping mom deserves Super Shields.

Instructional videos

Invented out of love by founder Jon Gillian who wanted to make pumping more comfortable and efficient for his wife

Why are Super Shields so sought after?

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How to choose my size?

Collar ring for XS and S

Pumping Tip #2 Be handsfree and do hands-on pumping

Aim to express most milk in the shortest time by doing the following


Step 1: Breast massage

Massaging your breasts before and during pumping helps you to relax, stimulate multiple let downs, and feel for lump(s) that you may need to clear.

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Step 2: Breast compression

Using your hands to apply gentle pressure to the breasts while pumping increases milk flow, empties your breasts more fully and boosts milk supply.


Step 3: Hand expression

After pumping, hand express into the pump flanges. It will remove extra amount of rich hindmilk that will help your baby grow, hence increasing overall milk yield.

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Handsfree pumping

To do hands-on pumping effectively, you need good handsfree bras like what we recommend below. Handsfree pumping also allows you to nap/rest or multi-task.


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