Pumping Tip #1 Adopt relaxed posture with good "pump latch"

Aim to express most milk in the shortest time by conquering these common challenges

Pumpin' Pal Super Shields The solutions for thousands of moms to date

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These special-angled flanges allow you to lean back in a relaxed, natural position while pumping. Its design mimics a good latch, hence promoting better flow and reducing irritation to nipple area. Fit most breastpumps. Available in 5 sizes. Raved by users as godsend! Every pumping mom deserves Super Shields.

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Invented out of love by founder Jon Gillian who wanted to make pumping more comfortable and efficient for his wife

Pumping Tip #2 Be handsfree and do hands-on pumping

Aim to express most milk in the shortest time by doing the following

Highly Recommended Handsfree #1 Simplicity Handsfree Pumping Bra Kit

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Specially designed to aid massaging and compression to maximise milk yield Can be used with all brands of single and double electric breastpumps Catch up on beauty sleep: rejuvenation boosts milk supply Saves time: multi-tasking - mom's second name Affordable: it's so super worthwhile Portable: Lightweight and compact 13 colours to brighten your day Universal: One size fits all

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No need to remove your top and bra: Just pull them up Simple and quick: Wear it in seconds Stay in place: Maintain suction during pumping Comfortable: Does not put pressure on the breasts

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Highly Recommended Handsfree #2 EverBeautyBra Maternity-Nursing-Pumping-All Day

Full access bra design aids massaging and compression to maximise milk yield Ideal for moms who prefer one good bra to serve all needs Easy sizing with bra extender to fit change in body sizes Soft, comfortable and supportive

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Using a simple yet smart criss-cross method, the elastic straps on each side hold the breastpump flanges firmly


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